The FloatSpace Story

The first float centre in Kelowna was built Downtown Kelowna in the 1980’s. In those days floating was a marginal activity, reserved for people interested in exploring consciousness and deep meditation.

The centre ended up closing due to the limited interest and the noise of a new pub that became its neighbour. However, the research on floatation therapy kept growing and the knowledge of the health benefits became more mainstream.

In 2014 FloatSpace became the 1st new age float centre to open in Kelowna thanks to the initiative of young college student, Dustin Erickson. It was taken over and renovated in 2019 by Carole Bodart, entrepreneur, mother, personal trainer, economist, truth researcher and health passionata. After a long career in the business corporate world, some personal challenges and her own journey with Floating, she decided to dedicate her time to share the benefits and her knowledge with her community. It is her mission to help people become more connected, informed and independent when it comes to looking after their own health.

Since the reopening in 2019, other services were added: Infra red sauna with light therapy, PEMF therapy, Red Light therapy, Cranciosacral therapy and hypnotherapy.

Every day new faces enter FloatSpace to start exploring the healing power of self-regulation, rest and mediation.

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