Welcome to FloatSpace for Health Professionals

We are Kelowna’s Sanctuary for smart recovery, relaxation and self-regulation.

If you recognize yourself in any of the following then you are in the right place.   

Are you…

An enlightened doctor or naturopathic physician, who wants to explore new ways to help patients find pain relief and heal chronic states like adrenaline fatigue, frequent migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, depression, and the lingering consequences of a TBI beyond the world of pharmaceutical solutions?

physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or massage therapist and know how much easier it is to get results with a patient when their muscles and joints are softened and relaxed and their mind is stress-free?

A 21st century personal trainer who has realized that busy gyms full of loud machines, screens, and sensory overkill can send your client into a state of stress, affecting their movement quality? Would you like a more peaceful environment to work with your client one-on-one or in mini groups of up to 4 people?

kinesiologist that works with a wide range of issues stretching from TBI and anxiety to agoraphobia? Do you find that their homes aren’t really a suitable environment to work in, and you would prefer training them in a private and peaceful environment?

yoga practice leader who has chosen to work with individuals or small groups of students so that you can focus on proper alignment and safe transitions? Would love a quiet and tranquil space with a soft floor to work in?

A life or NLP coach who would like to help your clients better manage their stress and enhance their mindfulness and meditation practice in a unique and dedicated space?

public speaker who loves to educate people on health, wellness, and improving their quality of life? Have you been searching for the perfect space to host your speaking events, but haven’t quite found the right fit?

An HR manager or business owner and are looking for ways to improve the stress resilience of your employees, reduce sick days, and increase your overall bottom line?

psychotherapist or counsellor who specializes in treating people suffering with anxiety, PTSD, ADD, or couples counselling? Would you like to equip your clients with new tools to help them and improve their condition?

If you said YES to any of the above, we have the perfect space for you to enhance your client’s results and their healing process. Contact us on and ask for our healthcare professional special rates.