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large float tank for meditation and pain relief


Floating is about everything you aren’t doing. The tank is filled with 10 inches of body-temperature water and enough Epsom salts to allow you to float effortlessly on the surface. The weightless environment minimizes the effect of gravity, any tactile sensations, and the need to thermoregulate.

The completely sound and light proof tank – or room if you float in the float-room with open pool – eliminates all external noise and allow you to float in total darkness. During your time in the tank, you will stop feeling where your body ends and where the water begins. The outside world disappears.

As it turns out, when the effects of gravity and sensory input are reduced, your body has extra energy to allocate wherever it needs most. Your body and mind become one, and get to rest and heal without energy-depleting distractions. The practice of floating is a journey that can be taken each and every moment, in or out of the tank, from your head to your heart, from the chaotic narrative to the quiet centre, from the past and future to the present, from then and there to here and now.

Float Therapy Helps People And Athletes By:


  • to become more stress-resilient
  • lower blood pressure
  • visualize, focus, make decisions, be creative and solve problems
  • prepare and recover their muscles before and after athletic endeavours
  • improve performance
  • improve immune function
  • reduce stress-hormones like cortisol, ACTH and epinephrine and increase endorphins so you can settle into a deep meditative state
  • recover from concussions and brain injury
  • self-regulate towards the healing process of PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addictions, pain and other chronic illnesses or body coherence imbalances, rooted in stress, big and small trauma, unhappiness and fear.
  • For more info watch the float-movie



Floataway Tranquility Pod

This Floataway Tranquility Pod has a full length door which opens and closes smoothly at the touch of a button. Its smooth curved shape is reminiscent of a dolphin. This tank is ideal for a single person floating. The tallest possible floater is 234 cm or 7′ 8″, so even the tallest person can still sit up in the tank.



Private King Size Float Pool


This private supersize float pool is completely open and very spacious. The open environment is suitable for couples floating, tall single floaters, or for floaters who grow angel wings in the tank and need the extra space.

Its name refers to the quantum field or any open field you would like to imagine, symbolizing your freedom and the power you can give your mind to design and own your own future. 




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