Holistic and dynamic training is the best kept secret of injury-free and high-performance athletes. Discover our training programs and our indoor nature gym in our post-float and post-sauna area.

We offer different programs privately or for small groups. In order to focus on the quality of movement, we limit the number of people in each session. Learn to develop your own mindful and functional movement flow that will help you stay injury-free, perform better, and recover faster whether you are a seasoned athlete or an all-day desk-jockey.

We offer different recovery training programs:

Mobility & Recovery Training

Enhance your floatation session by pairing it with a mobility & recovery session, or book a session on your work-out recovery day.

Restore mobility in your joints and release residual muscle tension, caused by repetitive movement, excessive sitting, emotional stress and a general lack of the right exercise during this low intensity guided movement session. This session will help you avoid that tiredness and stiffness that can hit you on a rest day and will help you remain injury-free.

Cardio-Junkie Transformation

Cardio can be great exercise, but it can lead to chronic injuries, stress and a lower metabolism when practiced in excess or with poor technique. Sometimes we don’t even like running or cycling but just do it because we think we have to in order to be healthy and fit. When guilt is our motivation, our bodies start protesting and we will benefit more from introducing a different form of training.

In this program we aim to slowly phase you out of bad habits, introduce new fitness routines, and learn to embrace stillness gradually and mindfully. This way, your body and mind has time to find their new selves.

Stress-Resilience Enhancing Work-outs

This is an intense movement session with a high focus on functional and high quality movement. This work-out is designed to improve over your full range of motion humans are designed to move. The secret of this training is hidden in the recovery moments.

Practicing this type of work-out on a regular basis will help you become more stress-resilient and can save you a lot of time, once you make this your only fitness routine. You won’t need more !